Hickory Wood Chunks

Hickory Firewood

Hickory firewood is a hot burning hardwood that burns with a low flame. Hickory wood may be the most popular types of wood for smoking. Hickory smoke is a common flavor for bacon and many other foods and is sometimes called the “king of smoking woods”. Besides being great for cooking and smoking, hickory is a favorite for wood stoves and home heating. Hickory is high in BTU so it puts out a lot of heat.

You can buy hickory wood from Paul’s Fireplace Wood in Minnesota. You can buy hickory firewood by the cord and have it delivered to the Minneapolis St. Paul areas for residential or commercial use, and they will also ship wood nationwide. Hickory firewood can be bought as firewood logs, wood chips or chunks.

Order hickory firewood in Minnesota or for nationwide shipment.

Hickory Wood Chunks
Hickory Wood Chunks
Hickory Wood Chips
Hickory Wood Chips
Hickory Firewood
Hickory Firewood

7 thoughts on “Hickory Firewood”

  1. We are interested in purchasing a cord of split hickory. Would you please advise of the cost of the item.

    We are a Restaurant in Montana who owns a smoker and smokes every day.

    Thanking you in Advance

    David Maplethorpe: Executive Chef
    The Rex Restaurant Bar & Grill
    2401 Montana Ave
    Billings, Montana 59101

    Phone: 406.245.7477
    Cell: 406.672.8901

  2. I would like a price list on your wood please i live in billings mt and i am going to open up a bbq house soon

  3. You will have to check with local dealers in your are. Prices can vary greatly depending on what part of the country you are in.

  4. I live in Billings Montana and would like pricing for a cord of Hickory I can arrange shipping if it can go on pallets

  5. This is an informational page about hickory not an advertisement for it. We don’t have hickory here on the West coast.

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