Texoma Firewood

At the moment I am sold out of firewood in the Oklahoma and Texas area and am focusing my time in Oregon and California. Please check back later.

12 thoughts on “Texoma Firewood”

  1. I sell full ricks and cords mesquite and pecan fire wood “ricks are 8 ft long four ft tall

  2. Sir, I have come into a large quantity of firewood. Please let me know if you’re interested in buying it.

  3. I have seasoned hickory for sale as well pecan call for pricing and availability. Also have black walnut for fireplaces. 580-228-5355 anytime.

    Delivery Avalible

  4. I have OAK for sale in Sparks Ok, Small and Large orders welcomed. Custom orders as well. 918-644-4719. Call or text. We sale year round.

  5. We have FIREWOOD for sale! Cut and Split to your wanted size, delivery included if further than 30miles from Stratford we can discuss the price difference. Currently we have Oak, Pecan, Persimmon, are our most popular and we have several other types just depends on what your wanting to use it for.
    I sell
    50# sack bundles 10-12in long pieces
    1/4 Rick 16-18in long
    1/2 Rick 16-18in long
    Full Rick 16-18in long.
    Price depends on what type of wood you choose. Look for us on Facebook Fires Firewood and Timber Harvesting or LeAnn Wood Fires

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