Firewood Storage Racks

Using firewood storage racks and log racks are one of the easiest and safest ways to stack your firewood. There are two basic types of racks. One is for indoor use and one is for outdoor use.

Outdoor Firewood Storage Racks

Outdoor firewood storage racks are usually larger racks for holding your stock pile. These racks make a sturdy and stable place to stack your wood. When stacked in a rack your wood will dry faster and be easier to keep dry. Your wood will be held up away from the ground which will protect it from moisture, dirt, fungus and other pests.

An outdoor firewood storage rack will make stacking wood a breeze. In a rack the wood will have a stable base and the end supports will make your stack much more stable than a free standing stack.

Indoor Firewood Storage Racks

Indoor firewood storage racks give you a place to put your firewood when you bring it in the house. When your wood is in the rack it will be right there handy when you are ready to put it into your stove or fireplace. These kind of racks are often decorative and made to look good next to your fire.

One advantage of an indoor rack is you won’t have to go outside to your stock pile to get wood every time you put wood on the fire. An indoor rack can hold enough for a day or two of burning plus your kindling. Some even come with tools like a fire poker, a broom and shovel for cleaning.

When you bring your wood indoors and put it in the rack next to the dry heat from your stove or fireplace it can help to dry some of the moisture in the wood before you burn it. Just be sure and keep it a safe distance so it won’t ignite from open flame or sparks.


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