Firewood Holder

A firewood holder can mean different things to different people. Most commonly it is a small firewood rack or other structure to hold wood close to a fireplace, wood stove, or fire pit for easy access. This can be different than a regular firewood rack for storing a larger supply of firewood long term, usually outdoors.

There are also firewood holders that are like a sawhorse to hold a log while it is being cut into firewood. You can find them here.

Keeping some firewood indoors in a firewood holder has several advantages. The most obvious is that your firewood will be convenient and close to where you need to burn it. When it is time to put wood on the fire, you won’t have to go outside in the cold, rain, snow, etc. This is especially great if you get up in the night or early in the morning to put wood on the fire.

Keeping a little bit of wood indoors can also help prepare the wood for burning. Having he wood in a warm dry indoor environment will help to dry the wood more before it burns. In most cases the wood won’t be inside long enough to dry the inside of the wood but it can make a difference on the outside to help it ignite better. This can be especially helpful for your kindling and other fire starting wood.

We have some firewood holder designs that we are working on and will likely have some for sale soon.


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