Firewood Rack Brackets

Firewood Rack Brackets – Simple Storage Rack Design

Firewood Rack BracketsThere are many ways to build all kinds of firewood racks but this is how to build a firewood rack the easy way. With firewood rack brackets you can make a sturdy rack for firewood fast and easy. All you need is the brackets and some 2×4’s and maybe a few nails or screws if you want them. With these brackets you can make the rack just about any size and easily change the size later.

Cut the 2×4’s to the lengths you want them to be:

Two 2×4’s the length you want your rack to be.

Four 2×4’s to the height of the sides of your rack.

Two 2×4’s for the width of the rack. (with some rack brackets you may not need these)

Now stick the ends of the 2×4’s into the brackets. Congratulations, you now have an instant sturdy firewood rack. With the way the brackets are designed it pretty much holds itself together especially when there is wood stacked in them. For added strength you can secure it by putting nails or screws into the pre-drilled holes in the brackets. I recommend doing this, preferably with screws since they will make it easier to take them apart if you decide to.

Firewood brackets are usually made of heavy duty steel for durability. They will hold your firewood up to 5 inches off the ground where it will be away from moisture and allow air to flow under your wood.

The amount of wood you can stack in these racks only depends on the length of your 2×4’s. A firewood rack made from firewood brackets are more versatile than pre made firewood racks. This makes firewood brackets one of the most versatile and customisable racks available. If you later decide you want your firewood rack to be a different size, just change the 2x4s or cut the ones you have to the size you want.

Firewood rack brackets have many other uses too. You can use them to build storage racks, shelves, tables, work benches and many other uses where you might want to join 2×4’s together with sturdy right angles.

You could easily build a cover on top onto the rack to keep your wood dry. Just keep in mind the rack itself is not very heavy so without wood stacked in it, a cover attached to the top might act like a wind sail and a wind could easily blow it over if it is not in a sheltered location.

The simple but sturdy firewood rack design is simple and sturdy. It prevents the need for gussets or cross supports which can take up stacking space, get in the way, and make the construction more complicated than it needs to be.


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  1. How long do you typically have to soak a piece of Manzanita wood to cause it to sink?
    As well how long should it be soaked to cause most of the tannens to leach out?

  2. Doug, typically it can be different. I have never owned Manzanita, but i have two pieces of Mopani wood. 4 dollars for each, didn’t know what i was getting though, and i soaked them for total of probably 15 hrs, dumping and filling, in a home depot bucket, still water in my 29 gallon was “Tea-ish” color. I’ve heard people boiling Mnazanita wood for 4 hrs or some just put it in, Lady had three filters, and it got a tiny bit off but then quickly recovered. so it just depends.

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