How to Build a Firewood Rack

How to Build a Firewood Rack

How to Build a Firewood RackHere is how to build a firewood rack that is very simple and cheap. This rack in the photo took me about ten minutes to build, out of materials that I already had laying around. And that included the time it took to stop and take pictures. If you had to buy the materials, it would probably be less than $10.

All you need is three 2×4’s or similar sized piece of wood. It could be 4×4’s or even 2×2’s, or I have even used round poles. Anything of similar size. The length of two of them will be whatever you want the length of your rack to be. And one should be twice the length of whatever height you want it to be.

Plus you will need two shorter pieces around the length of the pieces of wood you will be stacking on it. This could be 2×4 or 1×4 would be ideal.

And you will need about 8 nails or screws and a piece of rope or wire about two feet longer than your rack.

I will walk you step by step how to build your firewood storage rack below. It’s so simple you won’t need plans or a diagram. You can click on the pictures to get a larger view.

Step 1

Build a Firewood Rack Step 1 Lay out the two length pieces in the location where you are going to be stacking the wood. They should be spaced apart so the base will be about as wide as the length of the pieces of firewood are that you will be stacking on it.


 Step 2

Build a Firewood Rack Step 2Cut two pieces of lumber approximately the same length as your firewood. I used a 1×3 since that’s what I had handy. A 1×4 would be ideal but a 2×4 would work too. Anything that you can nail or screw easily. Attach one to each end of the base pieces as shown in the picture. I used 2 nails on each joint. Screws will work too.






Finished Firewood Rack Base
Finished firewood rack base with both end pieces attached.












Step 3

Firewood Rack Step 3Cut two upright pieces the length that you want the height of your rack to be. Stand them up against the center of the upright pieces that you attached in step 2. You could attach them with nails or screws but this is not necessary. The ones in the pictures are just balancing.









Firewood Rack Upright Piece








Step 4

Firewood Rack Step 4Attach a rope or wire to the tops of each upright as shown in the picture. You will have to stack a few pieces of wood in the corners to hold the uprights apart, while the string or rope holds them upright. This is a little bit of a balancing act but it is not difficult. This is where a helper can be useful. But one person can do it easily.

I like to use a steel wire since it will last a long time and won’t degrade in the sun. A rope will usually last several years though. I used a yellow cord in this one so it would show up in the picture.




Stacking Wood in the Firewood RackAt this point you are finished. Just keep stacking wood until it is full.

At first it helps to keep the sides an even height until there is enough weight to keep the uprights solid. That is the disadvantage to this style of firewood rack, The uprights will only stay up when there is enough weight pushing against both ends. This is fine for a longer term firewood storage rack, but if you are putting wood in and out regularly, this might not be the best design for you.




Firewood Storage Rack








Finished Stacked Firewood

You can stack the wood up to the rope, or even stack some on top of it. Stacking the wood a little above the uprights can help in covering the stack without the tops of the uprights being in the way.






Firewood Rack CoverHere is a quick way to make a firewood rack cover. A tarp or plastic sheet will work, but I like to use metal roofing. It keeps covers the top to keep the rain off, but leaves the sides exposed to open air so the wood can dry.

Be sure and weigh or tie the cover down wish something to keep the wind from blowing it off.






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  1. I don’t attach them, I just put some pieces of wood on top to weigh it down. It works since I don’t get a lot of wind here. If you are in a windy area I am not sure if that would be enough or not.

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