How to Ensure The Firewood You Buy is Truly Seasoned

I am hearing many stories from people who are buying firewood that they are being told is seasoned but it’s not actually dry. Some are buying dry wood from me after they already thought they had a supply for the winter because the wood they got from another source really isn’t dry the way they were told it would be.

There are many firewood suppliers that bring logs into the area and let the logs season for a while and then cut them up into firewood. The problem is whole logs don’t dry out very well especially in a cool foggy climate. Whole logs can hold a lot of moisture inside for a very long time. It’s not until they are cut up into firewood size pieces that the moisture in them will easily evaporate. In order for the wood to truly be dry it needs to be first cut and split and then let it season.

Before you decide to buy seasoned firewood from someone make sure it has been seasoned after it was cut into firewood and not seasoned as whole logs. If not your firewood may produce more steam than heat.

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