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Humboldt County Firewood

Humboldt County California Firewood For Sale

We now have redwood lumber for sale harvested from thinning our overcrowded redwood grove.

I don’t have firewood available in Humboldt for the rest of 2016, as I am working on a large project out of state. But I can recommend a great alternative for softwood or campfire woodCheck out the hand made redwood boxes that this campfire wood comes in, for a very reasonable price.

How to Get Dry Firewood
Campfire Wood

  • Reliable Service and Delivery (I actually show up when I say I will)
  • Full Cords Guaranteed
  • Harvested from a Responsible and Sustainable Source
  • Standard Sizes are around 16″ in Length
  • Harvested from local areas free of Sudden Oak Death

Our California firewood is harvested exclusively from our own private sustainable managed forest land here local in Northern Humboldt County. Our firewood is a product of restoring forests to a more natural condition, including converting scrub tanoak back to Douglas fir and Redwood forests.

Hardwood species are mostly tanoak, and occasionally pepperwood (myrtle), black oak, white oak or madrone are available.

The prices above include delivery to:

  • Eureka
  • Arcata
  • Blue Lake
  • Bayside
  • Manila
  • Kneeland
  • Freshwater
  • McKinleyville
  • Fieldbrook
  • Korbel
  • Maple Creek/Butler Valley

Currently not delivering to:

  • Fortuna or South of Fortuna
  • Ferndale
  • Trinidad
  • Westhaven
  • Willow Creek
  • Humboldt Redwoods State Park

All Prices include local delivery. Please see message above as I don’t have this wood available in 2016, please check back next year.

Seasoned Hardwood and Softwood Mix $325 per full cord.

Seasoned Hardwood split small $375 per full cord.

Seasoned Madrone split small $400 per full cord. (when available)

Green Hardwood $330 per full cord split small. Why buy green firewood?
Green Hardwood $300 per full cord larger pieces.

Green Madrone $350 per full cord. (when available)

Fir $250 per full cord.

Email: Contact

Phone: 707-832-4331

Firewood Dry and Ready to Sell in Humboldt County California
Firewood Dry and Ready to Sell

Seasoned Firewood in Half Cord Stacks

Fresh Split Green Hardwood

Green Pepperwood
Green Pepperwood

Green Tanoak

We have Larger Pieces and Unsplit Rounds Available

4 thoughts on “Humboldt County Firewood”

  1. Looking for a dealer for next season intrested in large amounts of unsplit seasoned for my own business in southern california. Intresteted in mixed by the tractor trailer load.If intrested in a future endeavor please email me with a purdchase price and how many cords I could get by the truck load. I will provide the transportation will need you to load, trailer will be a end dump.

  2. I’ll load as many cords as you ask for .my price is unbeatable.170$ per cord. Chris or aurora (707)972-8962. For every 3 cords purchased I’ll give the fourth cord free.

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