Copper Outdoor Fire Pits

Copper fire pits are one of the most popular types of fire pits sold today. There are many advantages to copper for firepits, but it also has its disadvantage. Determining which will be best for you will depend on your outdoor fire needs.

One of the main reasons people choose copper, is for its durability and longevity. Copper has a very high melting point and a strong resistance to corrosion. Copper does not rust like cast iron or steel. Exposure to the extreme heat and weather will cause iron to corrode especially fast. For thin material, this can mean a short life. Thick iron or steel can still last a long time, but the rust can wash off in the rain and stain your patio or deck. With copper, this just isn’t a problem.

Another advantage of copper fire pits is the appearance. To a lot of people, copper looks more elegant, and will retain its appearance, even with exposure to use and weather. Copper will form a thin patina from oxidation, but can be polished back to its original shine. But many people prefer the appearance of the patina and leave it.

The main disadvantage of copper is the price. Copper is significantly more expensive than other common fire pit materials. But if you plan on keeping a fire pit for a long time, it can be worth the extra cost. Copper is also heavy, so may not be the best material for a portable fire pit, but so is cast iron and steel. Cast aluminum has the weight advantage.

Coper is ultimately considered to be the best material for fire pits by most people. If you don’t mind the extra cost, this may be the way to go.



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