Southern Oregon Firewood

Southern Oregon Green Madrone Firewood

We have been supplying firewood to Southern Oregon for over 25 years. Our firewood is harvested exclusively from our own private sustainable managed forest land in the Rogue Valley area. Our firewood is a product of thinning and restoring forests to a more natural condition. Hardwood species can include Madrone, White Oak, Black Oak, and Manzanita. Softwood species can include Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine and Incense Cedar.

Standard sizes are around 15-16″ in length and are split small. Delivery is included in the Rogue River, Evans Valley/Wimer area. I will  sometimes go as far as Medford if I am going there anyway.

Dry wood is not always available, contact for availability.

Delivered Prices:

(Rogue River/Evans Valley/Wimer)

Dry Hardwood $120 per 1/3 cord, $330 per full cord.

Dry Mixed Hardwood and Softwood $100 per 1/3 cord, $290 per full cord.

Dry Softwood $90 per 1/3 cord, $250 per full cord.

Manzanita $100 per 1/3 cord (Great for campfires and firepits, as well as indoor heating ) It has been out in the rain so is very wet.

Campfire Wood

Why are we more expensive than some other suppliers? For one, we give full cords, split the wood small, and don’t steal it from public land. But mostly, there is too much labor involved in cutting a cord of firewood, that it would not be worth being in the business if we were to sell it for less.

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