Southern Oregon Soapstone

Southern Oregon Soapstone

Unique Quality Soapstone Suppliers

Soapstone for Sale

Quarried From High in the Mountains of Southern Oregon

Please contact Southern Oregon Soapstone Co. directly:
3104 Walnut Avenue
Grants Pass, OR 97527 USA

Southern Oregon Soapstone CO. LLC., formerly known as Steatite of Southern Oregon owns and operates a soapstone quarry high in the mountains of Southen Oregon.

The soapstone for sale from this quarry has unique qualities that have not been found anywhere else on Earth. This soapstone comes from an area of southwest Oregon that is well known for its unique geology and its incredible variety of rich minerals and rock formations. Many publications and and geologic reports have been written about this stone and sculptors and carvers say it’s like nothing they have ever come across. After being tested it has been found to be pure and asbestos free with a rating of 1 on the Moh Scale.

Southern Oregon Soapstone Company produces and sells large blocks of this stone using care to ensure the highest possible quality of the stone. They do not use any blasting techniques. Blasting can fracture the stone and lead to imperfections. Instead they use expansion techniques and cut it with saws. This not only ensures a higher quality product, it also minimizes the impact on the environment.

This stone is known for being easy to carve while at the same time being tough and durable. The colors are amazing. At my first glance I thought it looked like some exotic hardwood with an exotic grain or burl but then realized this is actually stone. It holds details incredibly well and has a great range of colors that can change within each stone making each stone highly unique. Colors can range from different variations of black, brown, green, deep green, tan and a little gold and every combination of these colors that you can imagine.

This soapstone can be cut with a handsaw and can be easily worked to a super soft finish that will bring out its brilliant color using only 120 and 320 grit sandpaper. Most sculptors know this is very hard to achieve with most other soapstone.

There are many uses for soapstone, not only for its beauty but also its physical and chemical properties. Soapstone is chemically inert which makes it resistant to chemicals. It is well known for being highly resistant to heat and is known for its ability to retain heat which makes it a perfect material for wood stoves, fireplaces, pizza ovens, cook tops, cookware, kachelofens, masonry heaters and much more. Southern Oregon Soapstone can produce pieces large enough or small enough for any use from heating applications to carving and sculpting materials and much more.

For more information and to buy soapstone contact:

Southern Oregon Soapstone Co. LLC.
3104 Walnut Avenue
Grants Pass, OR 97527 USA

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Southern Oregon Soapstone

raw soapstone

large soapstone blocks

southern oregon soapstone carving

southern oregon soapstone carved soapstone

dawna robertson soapstone carving

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Southern Oregon Soapstone Co. LLC.
3104 Walnut Avenue
Grants Pass, OR 97527 USA

32 thoughts on “Southern Oregon Soapstone”

  1. I would like to buy a bucket full or so to have the kids (13,14,14,15yr old) give their try at carving or small crafts. It does not have to be large or high end, just practice quality and we will see where it takes us………Terrie

  2. I am a new FB friend and I just loved your “rainbow stone duck” A rainbow stone base would be just perfect for the sculpt that I am working on.
    Can you supply me price and delivery on two pcs, cut and polished, about a 4 1/2 to 5″ dia. An irregular shape prefered?

    Pete Spampinato

  3. Your web site doesn’t provide a price per unit, nor does it indicate whether there is a minimum order. Please respond.

  4. You are correct Paul. Please contact Southern Oregon Soapstone directly with the contact information above and they can give you that information.

  5. hey i would like to maybe make a purchas of your soapstone but i can find any prices plz e-mail me back with your prices

  6. Please send prices. I am getting rock out of Vancouver at present. Will order 2-3000 lbs./time. thanks.

  7. I am interested in carving tobacco pipes like a Soiux Peace pipe. Can this be accomplished with your product?

  8. Dear sir madam i have own soapstone mines in AFGHANISTAN in present i export them to pakistan but now i would like to have international business relations to the world if your company is ready to deal with us we will be very thankfull to you if you need samples for soapstone i have got the pictures and videos i can send it to you

  9. I would like to know what it would cost for a piece of soapstone about 2 feet square. I want to make a reproduction viking forge and it requires a soapstone piece for the bellows to attach to.

  10. I am a carver and I received some of your stone as a gift, it carves wonderfully, holding detail well and having fe internal cracks or faults. I WANT MORE!
    I will be calling to see about placing an order of my own.

  11. Hi Bella,
    Glad you liked the stone. :). Feel free to call or email anytime and I will get some stone put together for you.

  12. Dustin,
    Thought I would post something for all your other contacts. I have just recieved second shipment of carving stone and am well pleased, as the first round. First shipment was rough material and worked out well. Carved humpback and large owl. People at show in WV. liked both. They commented on color and pattern. Stone takes bees wax polish nicely. I like idea of being able to get different color material. You package material well and have kept in good contact through transactions. Well done! Carver Ken

  13. Hey Ken,
    Thank you for the kind words and sharing your experience. Sorry I didn’t see it until just now :(. I can’t thank you enough for sending pictures of your work as well, I always LOVE seeing finished pieces. Glad you get a lot of good feedback from people. Can’t wait to see the new creations! 🙂

  14. Hi,
    I have been trying to find a website that will sell a smaller amount of soapstone. I got disabled and to keep my hands occupied I have taken up carving small soapstone figureens, which I give away to folks that have helped me through this disability. If your company ships out small orders, what is a minimum order? The size I like to carve is about 1 1/4″ thick and around 8″ long 2″-4″ wide or just remnants in any color. Can you help me with this along with an estimated price?

  15. I would like to order a small amount of soapstone (5-15 pounds) to hone my newly discovered carving skills. What is the minimum order and price?

  16. Received my first order of soapstone from SOS. I have never done any stone work before but I have done wood work. Mr.stutzman said that soapstone was similar, he gave me some pointers so when it arrived I got right to it. Things are turning out well, after a tentative start.The stone works very well and finishes up very nice. I highly recommend this co. and I plan on placing future orders soon.Thanks again. Craig

  17. Hello, Have tried to use the email address and it doesn’t work, it there a new one. Thank you hope to hear from you. Take care.

  18. Can you supply rough waste cuts of soapstone for sculptural pieces? These would be unfinished pieces.
    The pieces I would require are roughly cubic or rectangular shapes(or as close to it), about a cubic foot of stone per piece, 20 lbs. or so?
    Please advise if possible and indicate a price estimate.

  19. Looking to buy larger pieces of soapstone 50 to 150 pounds Is it possible to view and pick up in grants pass Thanks Mitch

  20. If I ordered 1-20 lbs. of soapstone for carving what kind of price would you charge and shipping costs, of course? I live in NC —

  21. I’m looking for soapstone carvers for production of ceremonial pipes. If you know of reliable craftspeople who work with your stone, I’d be much obliged for their contact information.

  22. Interested in buying soapstone for sculptures. Can you e mail info. on prices and shipping to Placerville Ca 95667 Thanks Ann Salch

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