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SOD Sudden Oak Death and Firewood

Sudden Oak Death or SOD is a pathogen that is infecting and killing many of our local tree species, including tanoak and live oak. SOD has infected and killed entire forests of tanoak in Sonoma, Mendocino and Southern Humboldt Counties. SOD can spread from transporting vegetation including firewood from infected areas to uninfected areas.

As of this writing, Northern Humboldt has not yet been infected with SOD, and steps are being taken to attempt to stop the spread, which could devastate our Northern Humboldt hardwood forests. When cutting your own firewood or purchasing firewood, be sure it is not being transported and possibly spreading the pathogen from infected areas such as Redway, Garberville and other Southern Humboldt locations.

The video below has more information about SOD and what you can do to help prevent it’s spread.