Wood for Smoking

Discover the taste of the Pacific Northwest and out unique hardwood flavors. We have wood for smoking, grilling and and barbecue. Alder has been a long time favorite from the Northwest and we also have other hardwoods that are not as available to the rest of the world. Our madrone and manzanita are unique to the west coast and definitely worth trying.

Manzanita has a flavor a lot like hickory, and madrone may remind you of mesquite. But they are both more mild and less likely to  make your food bitter or too strong.

Smoking wood, barbecue wood and grilling wood comes in several styles and many different species that can provide very different flavors. There are all kinds of artificial smoke flavors you can add to your food. But it is still not the same as cooking with real natural wood. Charcoal is great for providing heat for cooking, but doesn’t have much wood smoke flavor compared to real wood.

Smoker Wood chips

Smoker wood chips are used in electric smokers and you can also use wood chips for grilling and barbecuing in both charcoal and gas grills. Or add them to wood burning grills to mix in a different type of wood flavor.

Smoking Wood Chunks

Smoking wood chunks are used for longer cooking times where you would want them to last longer than chips would. You can add wood chunks to your charcoal or gas grill to provide a smoky flavor. Chunks are usually better than chips for times when you want them to last longer. If they last longer than the time you want to use them, you can always extinguish them and save what is left for next time.

Logs are good for burning to create the actual coals to cook the wood. An example would be cooking over an open fire or fire pit.

Planks are used to cook wood on. The wood is not burned, instead it is he flavor of the unburned wood and sap soaks into the food.

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  1. Would like to know how much is the mesquite? Would like to know $ for logs, chunks and chips. Will need to include shipping as I live in Akron, OH.


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