Hickory Wood

Buy hickory wood chips and chunks for smoking, grilling and barbecue from Indian Head Firewood in Houston, TX. Hickory wood chunks and chips are one of the most, if not the most popular woods for smoking, grilling and BBQ. It has a strong smoky flavor that works well with just about any type of meat.

Hickory is a strong smoke and should be used sparingly. A lot of people like to mix it with other milder types of wood, such as oak. Or simply limit the amount of time the wood is exposed to the smoke. Too much hickory smoke can cause the wood to be bitter. An alternative to hickory is manzanita, which has a similar flavor but is not as strong.

Hickory wood chips are good for smokers or putting on the grill when you only want a short period of smoke exposure.

Hickory wood chunks are best for when you want a longer smoke time than you would with chips. These are great to put on a charcoal or gas grill to add smoke flavor.

Hickory logs are better to build a fire with to cook over. For best results you might want to mix in another type of wood that is not as strong.


2 thoughts on “Hickory Wood”

  1. I have an open fire pit in my backyard and I have been wanting to get hickory firewood. If you can palletized I can have it picked up. Looking for price on a cubic yard or whatever you sell around that size

  2. I would like to buy some hickory logs but only 30 or 40 pieaces. All I have is a small rack for smocken.

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