Manzanita Cooking Wood

Manzanita Smoking Wood

Manzanita Cooking WoodManzanita Firewood

Manzanita produces a smoke flavor that has been compared to hickory, but without the overbearing flavor that hickory is known for.

I often cook over a bed of manzanita coals. I have had great results grilling steaks, oyster mushrooms, fish, and using it in the smoker for venison jerky.

Manzanita is known for burning very hot. It’s long lasting bed of coals produces plenty of radiant heat for cooking, or add a small amount to your gas or charcoal grill to add its delicious smoke flavor to your BBQ or smoker.

This .45 cubic feet box of manzanita firewood takes advantage of USPS flat rate priority mail to bring you the best shipping rates. and a fast delivery. Included is well seasoned pieces approximately 12″ in length. Great for building a nice hot fire for cooking, an outdoor firepit or a small but very hot campfire. Or add a small amount to your BBQ grill or smoker.

Manzanita Smoking Wood
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