Campfire Wood

campfireI sometimes have people call and ask about coming by to pick up some campfire wood. A lot of times people want to go camping and only need a small amount, instead of having a full cord delivered. The problem is I don’t have a retail location at this time where people can come by to pick up wood, since I deliver it straight out of the mountains.

If you enjoy camping and will need wood for campfires, my suggestion would be to buy a half cord or 1/3 cord and store it at your home, so you will always know you will have a dry supply of campfire wood when you need it. As long as you store it in a place where it will stay dry, firewood will last for many years.

If you look at the high cost of buying small bundles of firewood they sell in campgrounds or stores, this method can save you a lot of money over time. 1/3 cord is enough wood to last most people a whole camping season and more. It also allows you to burn much larger more enjoyable fires, instead of rationing a small amount of wood.

The Best Wood for Campfires

Here on the west coast, one of the best types of wood there is for campfires is manzanita. Manzanita wood is very dense, so it burns hot and eventually burns down to a nice bed of coals that sometimes burns with a bluish flame. It’s a relatively clean burning wood that produces less smoke, and a smoke that is less irritating than other types of wood, especially softwoods. This mild hickory-like smoke also makes it a great wood for smoking and cooking. Contact us to buy manzanita firewood.

Tips for storing firewood and keeping it dry

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