Peeled Douglas Fir Poles

Hand Peeled Logs

Peeled Douglas Fir PolesI can produce hand peeled logs or poles of just about any size. I have mostly Douglas fir poles but some ponderosa pine, incense cedar, sugar pine, white fir and grand fir at times. Most of the small logs and poles come from suppressed trees and have small knots or are free of knots. You can get more details and pricing at

Peeling the bark off by hand produces a finished log with a smooth natural surface and preserves the natural character of the log. This is unlike most poles that are peeled by mechanical peelers that often leave a splintery surface.

These hand peeled poles and small logs are harvested from dense stands of straight tall conifer trees that are over crowded. The trees are being thinned to allow the remaining trees to be more healthy, grow faster, get larger and more wildfire resistant. The excess trees are made into wood products including hand peeled logs.

The logs are hand peeled in the spring when the bark becomes loose and is easy to peel. This produces a log that is completely free of bark and naturally smooth except for occasional knots, which are trimmed flush to the log. Douglas fir hand peeled poles will check or crack as they dry but this is normal for most logs.

If kept dry, the light colored smooth surface is attractive and is great for indoor use. It can be kept natural or you can apply a finish or paint it. Possible uses include: rustic furniture, railing, pole construction, posts and beams, and more.

Douglas fir logs are known for being stronger than pine and more rot resistant. This makes Douglas fir logs great for structural material. They will last for years outdoors, as long as they are kept off the ground and are able to dry out between rain. But they will eventually deteriorate in wet environments. Douglas fir logs can be used for outdoor garden structures, arbors and many other outdoor uses but don’t expect them to last forever, especially if they are in contact with soil.


Hand Peeled LogsHand Peeled Poles

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  1. I am in Northern California and need 14″ (approx) DF logs. I need 2 @ 18′ and 7 @ 14′. Please let me know.

  2. I am starting my own small furniture shop and I am considering log furniture. I would like to get a price quote on some douglas fir logs approximatley 3″-6″ in diameter and up to 20′ in length if at all possible.


  3. I’m looking for 10, 4′ lengths of 8″ diameter doug fir poles. They don’t even need to be peeled.
    Do you have them and what price?


  4. I am looking for 20 19′ to 20 douglas fir logs with anular growth ring cout of 10 per inch. 8″ to 10″ in DIA. need to have moisture content of less than 19%. Also looking for 40′ pecker pole and 2 40′ douglas fir logs matching the growth ring requirments but smaller diamater will be acceptable may be 6″ to 8″.

    Also logs need to be hand hewn no lathe or mechanical marks.


  5. Hello I might be interested in buying some pine poles. I make furniture out of it and like the blue pine logs was wondering where your located and if you sold them with bark on them cause I could hand peel well anyways email with some info

  6. Do u have 10′ to 12′ logs five to 6 inches wide and poles 12′ to 16′ long and 3 inches wide? COuld u send me some pictures of your peeled logs, if u have cedar logs even better? If u do how much per each?

  7. Looking for 4″ logs for an outside railing on two sets of stairs. Need 8 – 6′, 2-10′ and 2 – 8′. They can be pine or fir. Live in SE Portland.


  8. Hi,
    I’ve got a garden structure to build that will require 6″ to 8″ dia rough logs — I think with bark is okay. I will need (10) at 10′ long and (10) at 8′ long. Is this something you could supply? I’m in Portland and would rent a trailer unless you have a better way to get em here.


  9. I am adding on a room to my log home, and I am looking for pine logs. Please contact me so I can discuss with you my needs for my project. Thank You.

  10. I am thinking of building a garden shed with cedar logs. Small ones of course.The shed will be 10×12. Any ideas?

  11. I am a general contractor in Casper Wyoming. I have a client that wants to extend their log deck. They have skip peeled rails but I am not sure how to identify what kind of wood it is. Do you have some pictures I can look at to be able to tell?

  12. I am looking for 6, 4 foot pieces of peeled pine about 6-8 inches across for a project around the house. Please contact me so I can see if you have that type of pieces that i need. Thanks

  13. Hi, I live in Lake Oswego and I am looking for 5 poles about 4 inches in diameter about 8 ft long. Where r u located?

  14. looking for 11″ to 12″ dia. circular douglas pine or similar posts to match exiting rear post on Santa fe style home. Posts are approx 7ft long and tapered to about 8’dia at top where it ties to header beam. can e-mail photo if needed.
    Thanks, gary

  15. I am looking for peeled poles appx 3 inches diameter by 8 feet length, quantity of appx 200-300 . I am located in Southern Oregon, outside of Medford.

    Thank you.

  16. Hi, We’re looking for some 2″ and 4″ logs To use to build our post and rail deck railing. We’re in ShowLow, Arizona. Do you have a catalog that we could look at for prices, etc? Thankyou Mimi Berger

  17. I am going to build some log furniture , chairs love seat etc for outdoors, please get me a price sheet for this type furniture tha nks Mark Barnes Littleton,CO 80123

  18. We are interested in getting douglas fir logs for building a porch on the front of our house in apache junction, az. Do you have a catalog or price list? Also, where are you located?

  19. I need 30 logs, prefer (7″ to 8″ dia) x (16′ to 20’long). Live in southern Ca. Can you provide these and how much?

  20. I’m looking for 8 pieces @ 5X5 (96″ long) square poles,I’m in Long Island,NY,please let me know the price including shipping.

  21. We peeled our Red fir poles last year in June and after a few weeks
    (stickered on dry beams) they started to mildew. How can I prevent that? Appreciate any help, thanks.

  22. Hi I want to get a price on getting 6 logs, roughly 2″ Thick and around 7′ tall, this is going to be for a custom sign, please give me prices for all species. I live in Portland so I may just be able to come to you.

  23. I don’t have any experience with red fir. But I have had Douglas fir mildew. That is usually when it is peeled in spring or early summer when the cambium is active. At this time the cambium is thick and full of water and can take a long time to dry. If it is in a sunny location in dry weather, there is usually no problem. But if left in the shade and the weather is not so dry, that is when I have had them mildew. But that can be sanded off easily.

  24. I need to build railing around a diving rock at my pool. I’m in Williams OR you sound close, can I come by and see your stock on hand?



  25. Hello,

    trying to build outdoor wet bar with peeled tree poles,

    what do you recommend?

    thank you,

  26. looking for 12 -15 2″ x 8′ poles for a project this will be out doores can you quote me somthing?

    Thanks Bob

  27. I am looking for four 8″ diameter by 12′ peeled logs please contact me so we can arrange a quote. I am located in the SF bay area.

  28. I am looking for 4 logs to use as rafter ties approx 5″ Dia. by 10′ long. Where are you located? If I have to have it shipped do you know how much it would cost I live In Michigan zip code 48005

  29. I am wanting to build a old fashioned cabin roughly 26×30′ Do you have anything that would work. Illinois Dave thanks

  30. need pine pole for making bar stools and end tables 2″ and 3″ 4 to 8 feet long. need around 10 of each. Can you send me a price. I live in Ohio.

  31. We are building a fence and need 6 foot logs about 6 to 8 inched in diameter. We are locaated in Door County Wi. Where can we buy them

  32. i need 100 4″x 8′ and 25 8″x8′ and 100 3″x8′ raw dried pine so i can pill to make beds please let me know how much plus shiping to Albuquerque New Mexico 87121 thank you

  33. Needing 4″ to 3″ diameter logs that are not split but they can have nots and doesn’t have to be cleaned of all the bark for looks. I prefer to keep the cambium layer on instead of staining the log at a later date. Thank you for your time.


  34. We are building a new Log Lodge and need Doug Fir for Ridge Beam and Perlins as speced by our Structural Engineer. Do you have a good supply in Colorado, that would be ready to ship?

    Thank you, The Dayton’s

  35. I am in California and looking for 3″ round Cedar poles with the bark still on them. If you have these I will get back to you with the linear footage required.

    Thanks, Tammy

  36. Hey I’m from Gillette and looking for some logs. please email me your # so I can get in touch with you. Looking for cedar if you have any, if not that’s ok also.

  37. I am looking for pricing and availability for 2″, 3″ and 6″ DF logs for small rustic furniture manufactureing in Myrtle Beach

  38. I need 4 Doug fir poles 10″ diameter at base, 10′ long. What would your price be and roughly how much to ship to Ojai, CA?

  39. Hi wanted to know if it is possible to have 1 Round Cedar Pole around 5ft 8inch long, 4 inches or 3 inches in diameter delivered. Please contact me at or at 201 640 6874. Thank You.

  40. I am looking for peeled 2-5″ diameter and 8′ long peeled white cedar for making log furniture. Is this something you can help me with?

  41. I need pricing for (5)ea. 5 ft long by 18-20″ diameter peeled cedar for a small project in Seattle (98121). Include delivery if possible.

  42. I need 1-6″ x 10′ round cedar post for a cedar swing. May not be cost effective for shipping just one. Do you know of someplace in the IL/WI area that sells them?

  43. Please advise if you can supply Eastern red cedar log from Texas, or exportable incense cedar or Juniper log?
    Diameter, minimum small quantity can be 9-12″,majority 12′” and above, length best to be multiples of 8′.
    pingzer, 5035390833

  44. looking for one 12′
    don’t know which to use for bathroom shower
    I will cut into quarters and use as accents
    where can I find one

  45. All I need is one log that is seasoned. It needs to be 18″ in diameter and 6′ in length and made out of pine of oak. It is for the body of a wing chun dummy. I live in Hazel, Ky. What am I looking at for total cost?

  46. looking for lots (semi truck load of each) of 10″ and 8″ peeled logs. Doesn’t matter what species. Please email me back.

  47. I am looking for 40 6 inch in diameter logs 10 to 12 foot-long. Location is Southern California

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