Manzanita Wood

Not only do we have manzanita firewood, smoking and cooking wood, we also have other forms of manzanita wood for sale. Manzanita can be used for decorative branches, popular for wedding decorations and floral arrangements, pet supplies for bird perches and aquarium wood, and wood for small crafts and wood turning.

Manzanita is a dense hardwood that can make very hot burning firewood. Other than being used for firewood, manzanita was long considered by foresters to be like a useless weed that only competed with more valuable timber producing trees like fir and pine. Now manzanita is becoming a well sought out material for craftsmen, hobbyists, artists and pet owners.

Our manzanita grows in thick overcrowded forest stands mixed with other larger tree species like fir and pine. The manzanita grows thick and competes with the other trees for water and nutrients. We harvest the manzanita and thin these forests of excess trees so the remaining trees will be more healthy and grow faster.

Manzanita Bird Perches – Manzanita Bird Stands

Manzanita bird perches are a favorite among bird owners. Manzanita bark and wood are non toxic smooth and easy to clean. Manzanita is very hard so most birds will not be able to chew it apart nearly as fast as they do softer woods. The natural texture, curves and variable diameter of the irregular shaped branches are good for exercising and maintaining the health of your birds feet and leg muscles. Manzanita wood is also good for bird toys since it is non toxic and chew resistant.

Manzanita Aquarium Wood

Manzanita aquarium wood is sought after by many aquarium owners for its natural properties and unique appearance. Manzanita wood is chemically neutral, and unlike many other aquarium wood, is resistant to leaching tannins so it is safe for fish and invertebrates. Manzanita wood is very dense and resistant to decay and will last under water for a long time. Manzanita grows in twisted shapes, which makes every piece unique, and provides excellent hiding places for fish, reptiles and other aquatic aquarium organisms.

Manzanita Wood for Smoking and Cooking

See why manzanita smoking and cooking wood is worth giving a try in your smoker or BBQ.

Manzanita Wood for Crafts and Art

Manzanita wood typically has a thin whitish ring of sapwood around the outside, but most of the wood is is a dark reddish brown heartwood. Sometimes the both the dark and light wood will show at the surface for a nice contrast of colors, Manzanita lumber is not common since this small tree rarely grows large enough to make sizable lumber. But the wood has a beautiful rich grain and color that can polish to a glossy shine. Manzanita wood and especially its burls are prized for turning and other small crafts.

Decorative Manzanita Branches

Manzanita branches are often used for crafts, centerpieces, wedding trees and other decorations. Both the look and strength of manzanita are prized by decorators and crafts people. More about decorating with manzanita branches.

To buy manzanita wood check out our manzanita website.

17 thoughts on “Manzanita Wood”

  1. hi, i clicked on the link for “manzanita bird perches” and it didn’t work. i am very interested in purchasing wholesale from you.. i sell chinchilla supplies and manz wood is also safe for chinchillas. i do have to ask tho, this is chemcial and pesticde free? i look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Now the link should work. Yes it is chemical and pesticide free. It is a natural product that grows on its own in the forest.

  3. The roots or stump of the dead Manzanita burn hot and are an excellent source or firewood. We stopped using timber and burned 100% Manzanita. It lasts longer than typical firewood.

  4. I too would like to purchase manzanita branches but I can’t seem to either. Do you ship to Canada?

  5. Hi Dallas. I’m in Las Vegas and I’d like some large branches for a habitat for my pets. A couple at 5-5 1//2 ft?

  6. I have a slice of manzanita 7″ thick, 62″ tall and 60″ wide I’d like to sell. Pictures available.

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