Manzanita Branches

Take a look at our manzanita website. We can provide manzanita branches for all types of crafts and decorations. Manzanita branches are prized for making decorations like center pieces and wedding trees. We have abundant stands of manzanita trees that grow over 12 feet high in all kinds of vast shapes and sizes. It is likely that we can get the type and size of manzanita branches that you are looking for.

Manzanita branches make beautiful decorative trees and centerpieces. The unique shapes that they grow in are both beautiful and functional. Manzanita wood is very strong and stiff so even the delicate looking branches will hold heavy ornaments without breaking or bending much. The shapes of a single manzanita branch will often look like a miniature or bonsai version of a large broad tree. But with a manzanita branch, you won’t have to care for it the way you would a live bonsai.

Manzanita wood is covered with a smooth bark that can be a red or dark reddish brown color. Many people love the look of the natural bark and some prefer the look of the bare wood underneath. The bark is usually removed by sand blasting to reveal the bare wood. This wood can range from whitish to reddish brown and sometimes has nicely contrasting streaks of both.

While some prefer the natural manzanita wood or bark, others prefer to lacquer or paint their branches. Lacquer will bring out the colors of the natural wood or bark and make it shine. With paint you can make your manzanita branches match any decor or theme. Some like to go a step further and add glitter or texture.

Manzanita branches make wonderful wedding trees and wedding table centerpieces. A wedding tree made from a large manzanita branch can be full of delicate looking branches that are strong enough to hold ornaments and wishes. The open shape of a manzanita branch also provides easy access and space for hanging your ornaments.

Small branches can be a low cost but unique and attractive way to make wedding table centerpieces and centerpieces for other occasions. A small manzanita centerpiece can be decorated with hanging crystals, flowers or whatever fits your theme. Since manzanita is so strong and durable, it can even be re-decorated later with a different theme and reused for a different occasion.

A large or small manzanita branch in your home can be a a focal point of any room. A tree shaped branch can be made to blend into any decor. It can be used as a table centerpiece or put on a stand in the corner.


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