Redwood Lumber

Rough Cut Lumber For Sale

Redwood Lumber

We have rough cut lumber for sale made from logs harvested from our sustainable managed forest land. We can custom cut lumber into whatever sizes you want. We can do bulk orders or small jobs and make specialty cuts for arts and crafts.

We can do just about any dimensions and even include round log edges and make large or small blocks.

Softwood species available include: redwood, Douglas fir, white fir, grand fir, ponderosa pine, sugar pine and incense cedar.

Hardwood species include: madrone, tanoak, white oak, black oak, manzanita and sometimes alder.


9 thoughts on “Rough Cut Lumber For Sale”

  1. Hi:

    I need a approx 200 bf of 1x10x10′ rough cut Incense Cedar STK.
    How much and how close to the central California coast for pickup?

    Thanks, Dave

  2. I am looking to purchase 600-800 ft. of yellow pine 1″ thick X 12″+ width and 8’+ lengths. Thank you.

  3. I’m looking for whole logs. Stripped and dried. Any kind of pine or Douglas furr. Does not have to be straight. I’ grinding it for shavings. What would the cost on this be?

  4. I am looking for yellow cedar, if you do not have any, can you get it, if not do you know where I can find it? I am a carver from Alaska and yellow cedar works wonders for my style of art. thank you for your time. check out my artwork at If you can get yellow cedar can you give me a price. I like to have 1×8 6′ long but 1×6 would work also. Thank you again for your time.

  5. We don’t have access to yellow cedar here. You would probably be more likely to find it in northern Oregon and Washington.

  6. Looking for Sugar Pine 8/4 to 9/4. We are scale model kit makers in Southern Oregon and our source of supply (Rough and Ready) is out of business.

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