Incense Cedar Lumber

We have stands of incense cedar on both our Oregon and California forest land. From time to time depending on market conditions and harvest management schedules we have varying amounts of incense cedar logs or rough cut lumber available.

We can sell whole logs or lumber rough cut to just about any dimension. Also blocks and rounds for crafts and other uses.

Incense cedar grows in the mountains of Oregon into Northern California and down the Sierras into Nevada and even Baja Mexico.

Incense cedar lumber has a creamy white sapwood and a light brown to light reddish brown heartwood. The aromatic heartwood is resistant to decay and has a spicy odor. Incense cedar is light weight and tends to have straight grain. It works well with machines and hand tools, planes or sands to a smooth surface, it holds paint very well and glues and nails well. Some care has to be taken with nails to prevent splitting.

Incense cedar makes attractive lumber that is good for its resistance to decay. Its creamy white sapwood and its dark heartwood are both attractive and when the heart and sap appear in the same boards there can be a nice contrast between the light and dark. Even though it is a soft wood that has a low relative strength it is still strong enough for many construction uses. Its low thermal conductivity makes it a good insulator.

Incense cedar’s unusually straight grain makes it the umber one species for making pencils. Most of the high grade material is used to make pencils and venetian blinds. One of its principal uses is fence posts. Incense cedar lumber is also used for exterior siding, outdoor furniture, trellises, interior panelling, grape stakes, rafters, grave linings, caskets, moth proof closet linings and chests, novelty items, crafts and more.

Incense cedar has its own unique aroma in both its wood and foliage. Cedar boughs are used for Christmas decorations and incense.

incense cedar lumber

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  1. Hi,

    I´m intereseted on buying insence cedar logs, our requirements are 500 tons a month, please send me a price list, I´ll really appreciate if you have capacity to supply.

    Thank you and happy 2011!!

    Kind Regards,

    Hanne Dipp

  2. Will you have any cedar rounds for firewood available soon? How much?
    I am in Santa Rosa, CA., where are you located?

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