Lumber in Southern Oregon

We have a small WoodMizer bandsaw mill and can do custom cutting in Southern Oregon in the Medford, Grants Pass, Rogue River areas. We can custom cut our logs or yours. Our rough cut lumber species include Douglas fir, ponderosa pine, incense cedar and sugar pine.

Our small mill is versatile and can cut lumber into just about any dimension. The thin kerf band mill reduces waste for greater yields. We have our own managed forest land and can provide the logs or we can cut your logs into whatever dimensions you want.

We sometimes have redwood lumber available that we can bring back to the Rogue Valley from our operation on the coast. We usually specialize in redwood fence boards 2×6 1×12 and can custom cut to your specifications.

Contact for pricing and availability.

2 thoughts on “Lumber in Southern Oregon”

  1. I need 1″ X 8″ rough cut redwood (6 footers) for a fence I’m finishing up (re-building). Not a whole lot of lumber/boards (fence is about 50 feet long and I’m re-using probably over half the boards).

    Today is Thursday 06 February 2014. Do you have stock? Would you have to mill? Where are you located (I’m in Talent). Could you estimate what, perhaps, 40 6-foot 1″ X 8″ redwood rough cut boards might cost me?

    Many thanks. The sooner the reply, of course, the better.


  2. I am looking for a block of redwood. Approx 48in across and 24 thick. I have a project that I would like to have it for. A bottom piece of a log would be fine.

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