Wholesale Firewood and Firewood Bundles

We can provide wholesale firewood packaged in bundled firewood form. Firewood bundles can be made to your specifications for size, volume and packaging materials for retail sales. The wood can be custom cut split and dried to be ready to ship to your customers in plastic wrap, cardboard boxes or whatever shipping materials you need. Bundled firewood can be a big seller in retail stores, campgrounds, or anywhere people may be looking to buy small amounts of firewood.

All of our firewood comes from our own private forest land that is sustainably managed and responsibly harvested to ensure a continuous supply. Species of firewood can be madrone, fir, pine, black oak, white oak, tanoak, pepperwood and manzanita.

For custom cut wholesale bundled firewood you will need to let us know well ahead of time of what you will need to allow time for it to be cut and dried. For wood outside of Oregon and California it will need to be treated and certified before it can be legally moved between some states. Some states have quarantines for importing firewood to prevent transporting and spreading pests.

4 thoughts on “Wholesale Firewood and Firewood Bundles”

  1. i am intrested in purchasing many cords of wood & am shopping around for large quantities of firewood. can i get a price on cords & dilivery, and how difficult it would be to get it shipped to the contra costa county area?

  2. Hello,
    My name is Devin Buoniello. Ive been working for a landscaper for 5-6 years. I want to start being my own boss. So, This winter ive decided to buy a 15 ton log splitter. I am going to split home owners wood but im also looking to sell firewood. I cut down a bunch of trees recently from Super Storm Sandy but they wont be able to be sold this season. I have no fire wood clientele yet. But this year i want to build clientele. With no customers the biggest risk i can take is buying 15-20 cords of woods. If you can please give me any information you can that can help me that would be deeply appreciated. Can I also get some prices of anywhere from 10-20 cords. Im only 22 years old, so i am young and focused. Hopefully we can work someting out and create a huge future between us.

    Thank You

    Devin Buoniello

  3. looking for camp wood to sell at campgrounds size of bundles needed, one pallet with 60 bundles. can I get a qoute. looking at possible full semi load.

    Thank you,
    Deborah Gardner, Manager

  4. I live in Luna New Mexico on a ranch and we are currently looking for a company that will send a truck to us for roughly 15-20 cords of wood. Do you know of any companies that will do this?

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