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I built this website to promote my families firewood business and it has since become a resource for firewood consumers and producers around the world. After being in the firewood business and forest products industry for over 25 years, I have learned a lot about firewood. My family has also been in the forest products industry on the West Coast for over a century and a half, so a lot of accumulated knowledge has been passed down to me through the generations. I have put much of my knowledge about this subject on this website as a resource of free information.

Using the tool bar above and the menu and search to the right, you can navigate this site and find plenty of sometimes strangely worded, sometimes unnecessarily wordy, but useful information about firewood, complete with some very nice run-on sentences.

In the frequently asked question section you can find a lot of answers to the common questions I get while selling firewood.

If there is something that you can’t find on this site you can post a question in the forum. Also on most pages there is a comment form on the bottom so you can publicly post questions or comments. Feel free and encouraged to post grammar and spelling mistakes that you may find so I can fix them. I know they are there and possibly the result of breathing too many chainsaw fumes for too many years. At least that’s my excuse for now.

I also have pages with links to firewood accessories for sale that I think might be useful to some. I don’t actually sell the products, but the FCC will get very angry with me if I don’t inform you that with many of the products I will receive a commission when someone buys them off this site. Now with that legal disclaimer out of the way, we can move on.

In the firewood equipment section you can browse through information and videos about machines and tools available for producing firewood.

One of the most visited pages on the site is this firewood BTU chart which compares the energy content of common firewood species.

My Firewood and Forest Products Business

After many years of serving customers, I have learned that producing a product and delivering service that people are happy with is what keeps me in business for the long term. I hear about the complaints people have in dealing with firewood dealers and I understand the frustrations firewood consumers sometimes have with wood cutters.

I know that customers appreciate someone who will show up to deliver wood at the time that was promised or actually show up at all. Someone who will bring full cords and bring wood of the same type and quality that was ordered. At times when I am sold out of fully dry wood, I would rather be up front and tell a prospective customer that what I have is not fully dry. I do lose a lot of orders that way but gain more long term happy customers.

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  1. I’m building a house near Brookings and need two peeled about 9′ x 10″ logs for interior structural support that will be seen all the time. So interesting nice logs are what we need? Can you help us? Thanks.


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